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IMAC – Interventional Master Aortic Course has been launched from almost 7 years ago, having an important role to bring together all interested parties in Intervention Aortic 

including: Vascular SurgeonsInterventional Radiologists and Cardiothoracic Surgeons from around the world to exchange their ideas and knowledge for the enrichment of our specialty and betterment of patient care in Egypt and the Middle East and sequential to the truly successful editions of IMAC series and as a continuum to our vision of being the forum for enriching the region with the latest developments in the field of Intervention Aortic management. we are delighted announce you the 

7th Intervention Master Aortic Course (IMAC.23)
18-20 October 2023
Intercontinental city stars Hotel, Cairo – Egypt

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IMAC Board

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a new comer to the IMAC

After 7 years of success in Aortic field, IMAC as a leading vascular & Endovascular Course concerned with Aortic disease in the Middle East & Africa, This year The IMAC board decided to add a new domain under the name of IMAC plus (peripheral ultimate solution)

The aim of which is to provide our attendees with the full knowledge regarding dealing with Aortic disease and the latest technology in treating complex peripheral disease, for establishing a  comprehensive exclusive course for our distinguished attendees.

Go Green, Go Paperless

We're revolutionizing the way we gather and share knowledge, all while prioritizing sustainability. We are excited to announce that this event will be completely paperless, embracing the digital era to minimize waste and promote a greener approach. By eliminating traditional printed materials, we are taking a bold step towards reducing our environmental impact and embracing innovative technologies. Through interactive presentations, engaging discussions, and cutting-edge digital platforms, we will explore the latest advancements in medical research and practice. Join us as we pioneer a paperless future, together shaping a healthier planet for generations to come

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Research, Education of Aortic Disease Foundation (R.E.A.D)

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ICOM Event Management

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